50 Shades Of Grey Review!!!!!


After all of the media attention given to E.L. James 50 Shades of Grey, I decided I would go ahead a read the book. The first turn off from the book was the terrible, I MEAN TERRIBLE writing. I enjoy a book that has simple writing,her writing is very poorly. (But who am I to judge, I’m merely a college student.) The second turn off, is the repetition. In literature there’s the good repetition used by Robert Frost, and then there’s E.L. James repetition. Around the ninth chapter I wanted to SCREAM if she wrote “my inner goddess” again! I would have to say the only thing that kept me reading was the S&D (Submissive and Dominant) factor of the book. Overall this a book you can SKIP! Image


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  1. I thought the book was okay as well. Im very glad I did not actually buy the book it would have been a huge let down…

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